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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo: Biography, Career, Husband, Children, Net worth, Controversies and More


Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo (Dr.) was born in Ibadan on the 6th of August 1964. She is the daughter of Victor Omololu Olunloyo (Oyo State former Governor) and Funlayo Olunloyo. 

Kemi is the second of ten children.

Kemi grew up in Nigeria before travelling to the US where she spent 20 years and later 5 years in Canada, where she was deported to Nigeria.

Through the years, Kemi’s controversial and vocal nature has kept her in the spotlight.

Kemi is a Pharmacist, Journalist and a Social Media Personality.


Little was known about her education history but some online reports stated she attended the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. 

Career and controversies

Kemi, a trained Pharmacist practised for 30 years before she retired in 2019.

She claimed to have served at Kingston General Hospital in Kingston, Ontario, on the Governor’s Advisory Council before her retirement. The claim was however tackled in a report by David Hundeyin who stated; “Kingston General Hospital does not in fact, have any such thing as a “Governors Advisory Council”.

Kemi is also a journalist who has thrived with controversies through the years. In 2014, she raised public awareness of the high rate of male prostitution, where she exposed some men on social media who solicit sex.

She sometimes alleged that the popular Nollywood actor Jide Kosoko used his late wife, Henrietta Kosoko, for ritual. This generated lots of backlash from Nigerians, accusing her of being too insensitive with the comment.

During the EndSARS protest in 2020, contrary to the alleged massacre of peaceful protesters, Kemi brought up pieces of evidence claiming the killings were false.

Net worth:

According to an online publication, it was estimated that Kemi’s net worth is $5 million.

The same report also ranks her as one of the richest media personalities in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. This however cannot be independently verified.


Kemi is a single mother.

In one of her tweets, she stated she has 3 children from 2 different men – her ex-fiance and her boyfriend.

Her only publicly known child is Rich KJT, who is a musician.

In a Facebook post, Dr Kemi once claimed to be in a relationship with a 27-year-old guy – @hakeemceo

Shooting her fiance

Dr Kemi has always advocated for gun rights. 

In one of her Instagram posts, she recounted how she shot one of her fiances in the head while defending herself.

She made the post when a Kano Reps member tweeted about a woman who was beaten by her husband.

One of the reasons I remain single to this day is #domesticviolence. Do u know I once SHOT my fiance in the head while defending myself in an abusive situation at 8 mos pregnant? Baltimore police was tired of the calls to my home and his arrest“ 

“At 27 when my ex-fiance battered me slashing my head open with a pipe. I SHOT him in the head with bullet grazing him. No ARREST!” she stated in the post.


In 2012, Kemi Olunloyo was deported from Canada after she was arrested in her apartment in Toronto over failing to renew her refugee visa.

She was remanded at the Vanier Center for Women, a female maximum prison, before she was finally deported to Nigeria.

Is Kemi Olunloyo really a Doctor (Dr)?

Investigative journalist, David Hundeyin in a 2021 report alleged she does not possess any degree that would have made her qualify for the title of a Doctor.

“It turns out unsurprisingly, that Kemi does not in fact possess any medical qualification other than a BSc in Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. She is lying about being a medical doctor, never mind with “30 years of experience,” and she is also lying about having a PharmD. She in fact graduated with a Bachelors degree and got a job filling orders in a pharmacy.”

‘Ritualist father’

In a 2015 post, Kemi accused her dad of killing family members in a series of occult rituals and making her “siblings to bathe in blood to get his own power”.

Alleged defamation against Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Omololu-Olunloyo in 2017 was remanded in Port Harcourt Prison, over her alleged criminal defamation against a Port-Harcourt-based preacher, David Ibiyeomie.

Kemi and sex toys

In an interview with The Punch in 2020, Kemi revealed her love for sex toys. She said; “I was celibate for 10 years. It is very common for Nigerian men to think that all a woman wants is good sex but we don’t need that to get what we want out of life. Men only say such things when their egos have been deflated. I really don’t like sex because I was circumcised (female genital mutilation). That made me distant from my mother. I dated someone in 2017 and the relationship ended that same year. However, I use sex toys and I like them. I promote their use and I want other women to do the same.”


Dr Kemi Olunloyo was nominated for the Social Media Awards Africa’s Social Media Influencer of the Year in 2014.


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