Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole: Who Is Yvonne Jegede’s Ex-Husband? Marriage Photos, Divorce, and More

Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole and Yvonne Jegede bring to mind that there are several issues that arise in the entertainment industry of which divorce is one of the most rampant. People often say that marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured.

The top-class Marriage ceremony between Yvonne Jegede and Olakunle Fawole widely known as Abounce occurred in February 2018 and the duo broke up after about a year into marriage.

People have been inquisitive about why they broke up. This article will shed light on every necessary information possible.

Who is Olakunle Fawole? Yvonne Jegede’s ex

Olakunle Fawole, popularly known as Abounce is a renowned Nollywood actor and movie producer.

He is the last son of the popular veteran actress, Bukky Ajayi, who passed away in her abode in Surulere, Lagos on the 6th of July, 2016.

Abounce, who was born on was on the 4th of February, 1975, was formerly a popular rapper before he finally dived into the Nollywood Industry. He is 49 years old in 2024.

His break up with her ex-wife, Yvonne Jegede came as a surprise to fans as rumours started spreading about their divorce.

While some reports described Abounce as an actor, some netizens confirm he is also a musician.

Who is Yvonne Jegede?

Yvonne Jegede is a Nigerian Nollywood actress, movie producer, and model. She rose to stardom when she was featured in the hit song “African Queen” by 2face Idibia.

Yvonne Jegede’s age, birthday, and education

She was born on the 25th of August, 1983 and currently 40 years old. Jegede will be 41 years old in August 25, 2024.

The actress was born in Edo State and had both primary and second education in Lagos State after which she went on to the University of Cyprus where she had a degree in Internal Relations.

In an open report about her divorce from her ex-husband, Olakunle Fawole, she pointed out that she would not want to have any love relationship with him as their marriage didn’t work well and they both need to move on.

Yvonne Jegede and Olakunle Fawole children

She has a son, Xavier Jegede, for her ex-husband, Olakunle Fawole, with whom she celebrated his 3rd birthday in November 2021.

Why the Divorce? 

According to Yvonne Jegede, her marriage hit the rock because she did not get the appropriate support, care, and show of love from her husband, especially during the period of her pregnancy.

She further stated that her ex-husband refused to attend the naming ceremony of their son and that was when she knew something had gone wrong until it graduated to divorce in 2019.

Marriage Photos of Yvonne Jegede and Olakunle Fawole

Below are some of the fantastic Marriage photos of Yvonne Jegede and Olakunle Fawole.

Reasons for their divorce

In a teaser for the next episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, Jegede discussed the reasons for their divorce, pointing to financial differences and an age gap as significant factors.

Jegede confirmed that she was the main provider in the marriage, stating that she was “bringing in more of the money.”

She also regretted prioritising love over financial stability, saying, “I would have gone for money instead of love.”

The actress disclosed that her ex-husband’s sensitivity to jokes and their age difference played a role in their marriage’s downfall.

She mentioned that Fawole, an eight-year-old senior, often interpreted her jokes as disrespect, creating tension between them.

Jegede and Fawole married in 2018, but their union ended within a year.

Since the split, Jegede said she has taken on the sole responsibility of caring for their son, a task she admits is challenging.

She said: “He [my ex-husband] is eight years older than me. But the moment we got married, if I tell am say, ‘You dey crease’, he would say I’m disrespecting him. I would have liked it if it was the same person I got married to.

“But that wasn’t the main reason I left the marriage. Let me just say the fact, I was bringing more of the money. I’m taking care of my son like nobody exists around me. It’s not easy. I would have gone for money instead of love.”

Jegede’s ideal man

The movie star said she fancies empathic men who would grant her financial requests above her demands without questions.

She disclosed this in a recent episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast.

“Person wey get good mind na im I dey find. Because if you get good mind, you get empathy, if I say ‘Baby please, give me N1 million’, you fit give me N20 million,” she said.

“But if you no get empathy, you go ask me first of all, say, ‘It is your father’s money?”

Abounce has however not reacted to all allegations by Jegede.

Screenshot of a 2019 post

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