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Man Seeks Advice After Cheating On Wife With Church Girl, Experiencing HIV Symptoms

Infidelity is a matter that is sure to divide social media reactions. But one thing is for sure, most people are more likely to be against it with lots of bash for the guilty. 

A man who has been married for 2 years and with 8 months baby from the marriage shared his recent travail in a post on Nairaland Forum/Nairaland/General/Family.

The ban with a pseudonym “JungleJustice01” shared a story where he claimed his first experience of adultery was late into his wife’s pregnancy, “when I could not hold body”. 

He wrote; “I’ll be succinct. I’ve messed up and I take full responsibility for my actions. All I’m trying to do now is save those close to my heart.

“I’m married 2 years with an 8-month baby. I’m a faithful husband at heart but I just lost focus and landed in this deep mess.

“My first stint at adultery was late into my wife’s pregnancy when I could not hold body. This situation was further compounded when I relocated due to work and come home every 3 weeks or so. My carefree attitude also contributed to this but I’m not staying them as excuses. I did what I did.

“I met this Deeper Life young girl about a month ago. She was about 23, good-looking, and has an innocent air around her.

“I don’t mean to stereotype her denomination. Deeper life members strike me as meek and reserved. It was one of the characteristics that attracted me to her in the first place.

“Last week thereabout we met up and made out after weeks of chatting. In the process, my contraceptive broke and it happened raw for a minute or two before I replaced it.

“Now one week later and I am having strong symptoms of HIV exposure. Had I known, I would have gone for Pep. I am 75% sure of infection at this point.

“I’m home now and I don’t want to touch my wife who is constantly on my neck since I returned. I don’t want to infect her or my child….and I can’t come to terms with telling her everything right now.

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“This is someone who is so faithful and she has expressly stated that she will not entertain any hint of infidelity.

“I’m so done for, I need advice”.

One person in response advised; “Bro my advice to you now is because you owned your shit and that means you’re on the road to responsibility.

“Go to the lab and get tested. The mind has a way of projecting illnesses that are non-existent into the body. If you confirm that you’re a carrier, let your wife know. Your means of exposure can remain a secret. Tell her you helped an accident victim or anything”.

In a supporting response, someone else said; “Its better you open up to her bro, and have your family back,it might be painful but they are all you’ve got at this point, that’s supposed to be the benefit of a family,i pray when you get tested in lab it wont be a STI”

Another person commenting in surprise said in pidgin; “Oga Go Hospital. Nairaland no be hospital.

“So Depper Life babes self dey do that thing…I be Jew man o.”

Responding to someone who asked how he is sure he has HIV, the man said; “Sore throat, flu, muscle aches, lymph node enlargement. These are signs of a viral infection and they show up 1 -2 weeks after exposure.

“I’ll go for a test tomorrow, secretly. I’ve made peace with myself, it’s telling my wife that’s the issue. This home I hold dear will definitely scatter over a 5-minute one-day stand.”

Many people that commented advised him to go for test and open up to his wife.

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