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5 Excuses Nigerians Give When They Are Too Proud To Admit They Are Wrong

Hmmm, my people, if you see Nigerians ehn, help me raise yansh for them.

They would stop at nothing to prove to you that they’re right, most especially when they are actually wrong.

Even when it’s so obvious that they’re wrong, they will still look for one weird thing to say, all because they are too big to say sorry.

Here are 5 strong excuses you will hear from Nigerians when it comes to admitting their mistakes.

1. It’s not my fault, that’s how I was created


So, it’s the fault of God that created you abi? Hmmm, fear this kind of people o. If they can blame God for their own mistakes, please who are you?

2. Am I your mate?

Oga Methuselah, sorry o, I didn’t know saying sorry is by age.

3. Do you know who you’re talking to?

Please, who are you o? God’s deputy? Chai, I have heard things.

4. You started it!

But, you finished it abi? Oya, say sorry for what you finished.

5. We don’t say sorry in our village

It’s an abomination, if I say sorry, I will die… Ah, which kind village be that?

Bring your head, let me slap deliverance into it, you and your village people need deliverance.


So, that’s it. That’s naija people for you.

The next time you hear such words, don’t be surprised, you’ve been told.


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