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Top 10 Epochal Yoruba Nollywood Movies

Have you ever imagined why many people still watch Yoruba Nollywood movies despite the criticism against Yoruba movies?

This is simply because of the improved strategies and acting techniques put in place to ensure that Yoruba Nollywood movies meet up with standards.

In this article, we would be checking out the top 10 epochal Yoruba Nollywood movies.

Let’s dive in.

Meanwhile, you may be wondering what the term “epochal” means. Well, it’s not too much of a big grammar. It simply means “interesting” or “significant”.

So, we are basically talking about the top ten interesting or significant Yoruba Nollywood movies.

Listed below are the top 10 epochal Yoruba Nollywood movies:

1. King of Thieves

King of Thieves is one of the latest 2022 Yoruba Nollywood movies produced by the renowned movie producer, Femi Adebayo and directed by Adebayo Tijani. The movie was released on the 8th of April, 2022.

The 1hr 50mins movie tells us about Agesinkole, who is a very powerful bandit, who during his reign brought total terror to the blessed kingdom of Ajeromi.

An attempt by the kingdom to retaliate completes the story of bravery and revenge.

2. Omo Ghetto (The Saga)

Although a blend of Yoruba and English conversations, Omo Ghetto remains one of the most sought-after Yoruba Nollywood movies.

It was produced by the award-winning actress, Funke Akindele together with her husband, JJC Skillz in December 2020. The story of a twin known as Lefty, who always got into trouble alongside her friend from the ghetto.

Her twin sister was the exact opposite of her.

3. Legioni

Released in 2020 and starring Adunni Ade, and Yomi Fash, among others, Legioni talks about a village known as Ilu Awon Agba, which was dominated and ruled by witches that goes by a cult name “Legioni”.

God orders a “mad man turned normal” to deliver the inhabitants of the land from the chains of Legioni.

4. Eefin (Smoke)

Eefin is one of the latest Yoruba Nollywood movies that were recently released in 2022.

The movie talks about a wealthy man who after employing a new driver, began to experience instability in his family.

5. That One Time

Two love birds finally got married and the honeymoon was over when there was a pressing call for the husband to resume work.

On an occasion, Sophia, the wife then went for a photo shoot where she met a photographer ‘isonu’ known as Timini.

Other top Epochal Yoruba Nollywood movies that you should watch include:

6. Ogboju Ole

7. Omo Alhaji

8. Olopa Olorun

9. Jankariwo

10. Elewu Iga

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